Vendor Call! A new way to sell.

In the burgeoning world of entrepreneurship the market for vending has become over-saturated. Customers and vendors alike are becoming bored with the process. As a vendor myself, who has done it for 8 plus years, I've found it harder to find events that were worth the amount of time I invested. We now have even more to contend with. Covid-19 has forced us all to take a closer look at how we buy and sell. Crowded events may be a thing of the past and virtual shopping is becoming the go-to. 

The process of getting my product together (made, labeled, tagged), planning a presentable display, and loading my car early in the morning after spending late nights pulling it all together became exhausting. 

I'd get to an event and contend with another level of stress. If my set up was outside I was up against a ton of elements; it's raining, cold, hot, windy. If inside the venue may not be aesthetically pleasing; it's in the middle of nowhere, the wifi isn't working, there are 10 other vendors selling the same thing I'm selling.

Once my setup is complete and I've finally stopped stressing, the waiting game begins. Will the customer come? Usually at a well put together event, on the perfect day, the customers do come. Some come ready to shop. Others may pass by your booth without stopping. They're stopping but not really shopping. "Oh, that's nice. Thank you. Goodbye.", "I like it but I'm on a budget.", "I like that, I'll come back.", "Let me have your card, I'll buy something later.", and the list goes on.

It can become exhausting after all the effort you've invested only to find the customers aren't responding the way you'd hoped. We all seem to resign to being content with minimal success. "At least I made back what I paid." we've all said. But, after all the time and energy you've put into making your product and spending an entire day attempting to sell it, is just breaking even enough?

Running a retail booth can be just as stressful. You're chained to a renting fee on top of a percentage of your sales. I've easily seen $400 of my inventory go to the store owner. And though that probably meant I had a good month, that's still a lot of product that I saw no real return on. Not to mention the stress and amount of time it takes to keep your space fresh and appealing to customers.

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